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The platypus is one of the most remarkable animals in the world.  Although the species is still officially regarded as common, surprisingly little is actually known about the size and distribution of platypus populations in most areas.

There is an urgent need to map where platypus occur in river systems, so practical actions can be undertaken to protect small or declining populations.

The Australian Platypus Conservancy, in cooperation with other organisations, has initiated Platypus Care to collect vital information about the status of the platypus.  For more background about this project, go to The Platypus Care Program .

If you have ever seen a platypus in the wild (or encountered the species in some other way, for example by finding a dead platypus), you can make a valuable contribution to Platypus Care by providing details of your sighting.  To record your observations, please go to Reporting a Platypus Sighting.

Hints on Spotting a Platypus provides some advice about how best to go about observing the species in the wild.

Where to Look for a Platypus describes the geographic range of the platypus in eastern Australia and the types of aquatic habitats where the animals may be found.

About the Platypus provides some interesting basic facts about this very unusual species.  For more information about platypus biology and conservation, visit the Australian Platypus Conservancy main website: .

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Images drawn by Peter Marsack