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The platypus is one of the world's most remarkable animals.

The Australian Platypus Conservancy is working hard to unlock some of the key scientific mysteries which still surround the species. 

In particular, the Conservancy is conducting a wide range of research projects, conservation programs and environmental education initiatives.
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You can learn more about the biology and ecology of the species in the Platypus Fact File .

Practical advice on helping platypus is given in Platypus Conservation Guidelines .

The section Looking for Platypus offers suggestions on how to monitor local platypus populations. 

Details of platypus sightings can be reported online to the Conservancy's Platypus Care program

 by going to Report a Platypus Sighting

The APC also collects records of Australian water-rats (rakali)

thanks to the support of the Norman Wettenhall Foundation.

Please help by reporting sightings of water-rats .

Technical advice (for researchers with relevant permits) regarding how best to set fyke-netting survey nets,

and how to handle and release a platypus after it's captured,

is provided in Platypus Fyke-Netting Guidelines (PDF).

News of recent platypus research and conservation issues can be found in copies of

Platypus News & Views, the APC newsletter (formerly titled Ripples).

Updates are also given on the Australian Platypus Conservancy (Official) Facebook page.

If you require more specific information on platypus, please consult the Reading List.

You can also find basic information about the Australian water-rat, the largest native mammal to share the freshwater habitat of the platypus.

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